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Man that sucks!!

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I just have to vent a little bit!! I was told i was going to be changing duty stations and going straight to a advanced school in jan. So i started selling my shrimp. I let about 18 CRS/CBS S+ grades mix of breeding adults and juvies go for 30 bucks on wed. Then yesterday i found out i dont leave til june im sooooo mad. I loved those guys.
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That does suck, someone got a killer deal on those!
Ya he did i dont think he knew what he got either...Now after christmas im going to look for some more. Their tank is still up and running. And it makes me sad to go look at it without its family.
Pay a visit up north. Lol. I can sell you some if you pick it up.
Sweet I go up To sac town about 1-2 times a month. I should be going up there like the 1st or the 2nd I'll definitely pick some up. Thanks
Let me know! I'm in the process of packing and moving. Very busy so try to hit me up a few days before hand. Want to help me move some couch and back yard shed while your up here haha.
Gotta love the military life when it comes to dealing with part that I do not miss.
I'll dedinately help out!! I know how it is moving u take all the help u can lol. Ya until u leave u never know about orders!! Good thin I didn't break down my tanks.
Gotta love the military life when it comes to dealing with part that I do not miss.
X2 plus I'm happier wearing jeans and sneakers, sleeping with my wife, and staying in one place. Sorry about the empty shrimp tank.
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