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I have this Columbian tetra that looks different than all the others - he has the longest dorsal fin by far and it's color is slightly different than the other's dorsal fins (it would be funny if he was the only male out of 18 fish - lol). He also is a bit messed up. At some point as a young fish he must have charged into the side of the tank - his head looks like he broke his neck! The head is pushed off to one side, at the outward bend the gill stays open, and one eye is all askew, slightly protruding and looking off in it's own direction. because of this he is my only named fish - I call him Igor after Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein.

Anyhow, I think he is the father to the 60-ish fry that hatched in the summer. Now it seems he's in the mood again - I hope I don't get more fry! lol

Here's a rather out of focus vid of him displaying tonight...I think it's cool to see how the normally draped dorsal fin can look like a sail...
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