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male betta in 14 gallon

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I have a male betta dragon scale in a 14 gallon. i would like to add a small group of other fish. i have had gold tetras before with a betta. do you have any other suggestions on tank mates that may work?
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It all depends on the betta's personality. I have a dragon scale plakat that is in solitary confinement after it tried to eat some dwarf rasboras. However, otos, cories, tetras, rasboras, and other non-nippy, non-anabantoid fish should be fine. Be ready to relocate your betta if it gets too aggressive.
Yes must bettas preferr to be alone, you are always taking a chance when you try to give him company. With that said I have a male crowntail with 6 harlequin rasboras about 13 ghost shrimp and one bamboo shrimp. All bettas are different so it's a guessing game really. Mine is in there with those other fish because I couldn't bare to leave him in petsmart and had no room for a new tank
This is an established planted tank. i have added 9 white cloud juvies. there was already 2 young guppies. and several fire red shrimp. so far things are going well. i understand that some bettas just hate everything and want to eat it. i have 2 of those aggressive types and 2 that are more mellow. the sex of the betta really doesnt matter. ive had females that are very aggressive too. thanks.
Hi! I've run a betta+ community 40 g tank successfully for quite a while. I've been very happy with celestial pearl danios with the bettas. Had zero problems with those guys. Added gold neons, and they were great, too.

I very recently added kuhli loaches, synodontis petricola, hatchetfish, and an awesome panda Garra (people were moving and I took their fish). I thought it would be fine as I'm under stocked and the fish seemed compatible, but ever since that I've had a bunch of mystery deaths so can't say that mix is successful, although it's certainly looked perfectly peaceful. I suspect there's actually just a new bug in the tank, or the dead guys over-indulged on the shrimp I put in for the Garra and synos, but clearly with mystery deaths I can't recommend any of those guys yet.

Enjoy your tank!
Hi Ann, May i ask which were the casualties?
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