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Malaysian Trumpet Snails dying?

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Hi all,

So I recently got a 75gal tank from a friend that has a large pleco (that needs a new home), 2 large featherfin catfish and two eels (a tiretrack and a yellowtail). There were also hundreds of MTS in this tank. Until a couple days ago, they were everywhere! Now, I hardly see any of them moving, I see some dead ones on top of the gravel, and there are NONE on the glass, even after lights out.

Recent changes:

I work at a pet store. Someone brought us some larger cichlids to rehome so I took them and put them in my tank. I added too many at once, I wasn't thinking. Yesterday I had completed two 50% water changes before noon due to a nitrate spike, and added an air stone because they depleted the oxygen in the water. Dumb move, but I have the fish now, they are doing well and I will do water changes, etc. as needed until the tank stabilizes. I dechlorinated the water of course, and I also added a small bottle of safe start to the tank to give the bacteria a boost.

Having all these new fish, I also added a few pieces of driftwood to the tank to make hiding places, along with a large terra cotta pot. One piece is mopani wood and the other is just the standard $5/lb type of driftwood I got from my LFS. When I first put the wood in, it was covered by snails within an hour (just a few days ago).

Any ideas to why my snails are all disappearing/dying? I don't see my fish messing with them. Could it just be because the fish are eating all the food put in the tank and there's no leftovers for the snails? I had hoped the mts would climb all over the new driftwood and clean it all up a bit but I haven't seen one moving in two days, and I kinda liked having so many! I put some algae wafers in the tank and I see a few moving around, but that's it.

Tank stats:
Temp: 75*F
pH 7.5
Ammonia: ~0.25ppm
Nitrite: 0ppm
Nitrate: 40ppm
(values before 20% water change done after testing)

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my guess would be that the cichlid is eating some of the snails
I really don't see any of the fish bothering with the snails. I have a small oscar (I had added a couple weeks ago) that seemed to enjoy picking them off the glass, but never managed to eat any. I've been home all weekend and I actually watch the fish quite often, and the fish only pick at the gravel for a bit after being fed, I never see them bothering any snails. There are 3 parrot fish, a Jack dempsey, and 3 convicts.
When MTS are unhappy with water conditions, they often dig into the substrate, shut their traps (literally) and wait it out. It seems likely that the recent spikes sent them into hiding and that they will reappear once conditions are stable again.

Keep up with the testing and WC for a time. If you did have an MTS die-off, the bodies will foul the water.
Thank you. I hope they come back! I picked up a few that were on the surface of the gravel and put them on the driftwood. They came out and moved around a bit before returning to the gravel so I think they're ok. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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