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Malaya Shrimp (Caridina sp. )

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Howdy All,

I have just introduced 10 young Malaya Shrimp to a 15 gallon tall tank and hope to raise them to maturity and have them reproduce. I have all the basics down for raising Dwarf Shrimp, but I am curious as to whether or not anyone here has raised this relatively new (to USA) shrimp? It is a very interesting species and I am looking forward to working with it....

If you have indeed raised this shrimp I'd love to hear your experiences

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Raising them is VERY similar to most dwarf shrimp you will find in the hobby. Breeding is a little different as they hatch as larva not small shrimp. They only go threw a few quick larval stages, but you have to be care full not to suck them up with filters or during water changes right after hatching...
I am running two small sponge filters, two so that when I have to clean one the bio filtration sees less interuption. Yes I am aware of the very short larval stage and there is detaileed info at the site regarding this interesting point and they develop in fresh water to boot.

I am pretty new to shrimp raising as well as breeding, but have had good luck so far with a 20 gallon long with RCS in it so I thought I'd give another type a go as it is just so darn facinating....
Do you have any pictures of them? Are they all the same color?

Howdy Ryan,

They are only about 3/8 of an inch or so right now, but I will set up the tripod and see if I can get a shot. Right now they are all pretty much the same and I have read this is normal for this shrimp. As they mature I'll add more about my experiences as well as some photos.

The color even though mostly the same now can vary quite a bit with this shrimp after they mature and this was one of the things that attracted me to raising them. Photos of them show this and again it is in more detail at the site I mentioned above.

So far al is well and they have adapted well to their new home...

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