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First off, I have always lurked this site what a plethora of information. My first tank was a 10g from a couple years ago, I gave it away to my girlfriend and since upgraded tanks an became interested in Malawi cichlids :proud:

here is some photos in case anyone was curious:

as I found out Africans don't like plants to much lol :biggrin:

long story short I ended up taking the 10g back because it did not get proper care and I felt bad being my first tank. But honestly it looked like a 12 year old set it up (I don't know what i was thinking).

the stock:
zebra danios
albino shark

I didn't want to spend any money on the re scape since it is a aqueon 10g. Luckily my friend owns a LFS he hooked me up with a plethora of plants, eco complete, and established driftwood. Thank you meng!

first set of plants:

and how it stands currently:

(great silicone job aqueon....)

I think it was a nice little progression considering, I know I want to upgrade to at least 24 watts of light and some diy co2. But i can't really justify the costs especially since I have spent 0 dollars on this budget tank. Also I wish I could change the stock, but these are the fish I started with and I would hate to mess up that balance.

a little things I noticed having my first planted tank:

-0 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrates!
I did not think the plants would devour nitrates so much I am so used to doing water changes, I have just been topping off the tank this month.

-freshwater plants can be very relaxing, all my friends have salt water and look down on my tanks somewhat.
I admit saltwater is nice but I am a busy student and being able to do do quick water changes from the sink is all I need to keep the fish happy (not to mention all the constant problems they have). I can't wait to attempt a nicer aqua scape through help from this site to show them whats up

sorry If this post was lengthy
more updates soon

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Wow, I like it. You got all of that for free? I also like your cichlids.
thank you, yeah for free he was clearing out to make room for different things. I recommend anyone in the orlando area to check out his store

here is another of my saulosi male just starting to color up

man this hobby is addicting!lmao
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