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making a shrimp tank

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So i'm going to set up my first shrimp only tank and l was wondering what would be some good suggestions on a good sized tank for them. i'm planning on keeping a variety of species and would like a tank no bigger than 8 gallons if it needs to be bigger i'd like to know why. Anybody know of some good suggestions from ada/do aqua or gla? pictures would be appreciated. thanks guys *i've never oredered a ada tank so that's why I ask for pics*
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Welcome to the dark side..... LOL

If you want to start small, I would suggest something like a mini-m or 30C, or an equivalent to them.

I just recently sold my 30C, but the pictures of it, are still in my signature. And if you can go larger and longer, you can get a tank like my custom, but the Mr. Aqua 12G. :)
ooo stalker!!! yea i couldn't resist :). l'm planning on going ada for sure i've been browsing around the site a lot and l read your tank journal all last night and l like the idea of dividing the sections for the diff grades(which l was reading as well here : red shrimp grading guide.html
good info^^
l really wanted a ada 45f but it's sold out :(. maybe ill wait the only prob with that is that l hate waiting i'm prob the most impatient person you'll ever meet :p
Hahaha, you're probably just as impatient as me. :)

The 45F would be nice too. Just make sure you keep it on the shallow end as it will help you out in the long run. Just be careful, with smaller tanks, the water can go foul super quick.

My cardinals are fine in their 5G, but I also dose a little bit of amquel+ every other day just to make sure. The shrimp nanos are sooooooooo fun too.

I have been waiting for you to come over to my side for a long time. LOL
Gotcha well that's perfect since now that i'm on YOUR SIDE we can share some of YOUR shrimp muahaha
l guess 30c takes the cake. l can't wait till it's up and stocked with those little trouble makers that love to get sucked up the filter.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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