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Magnum 350 as a Water Polisher Only?

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I own a 55 gallon tank with 2 Eheim 2217's & want to run a "Water Polisher" as well, (the Micron Filter & Blue sock only)

My question is how often do I run the water polisher?
I was thinking either 30 min every hour or 12 hours on/12 hours off?

My maintenance is currently once a month and from what I understand, the micron filter clogs quite quickly & I want to avoid cleaning it every week. Since I have the 2 Eheim 2217's, and they are doing both the Bio & Mechanical filtration, I figure the water polisher (Magnum 350) should not clog as quick, and I can do my required ritual for all 3 filters once a month?

And If so, Can I run the water polisher 24/7 instead of 30min hourly or 12 Hours On/Off?

Btw, my stocklist:

1 Yellow calvus 2"
8 Frontosa 2.5"/3"
7 Synodontis Cats 2"
10 Blue Flash 3"
2 Tanganicodus irsacae Moba 2.5"

What do you guys think?
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Why do you feel you need additional water polishing? Is the water cloudy?

2217's are fairly large filters and to have two running on a 55 I think you are more than good to just use them as the filtration. Have you tried going longer on the maintenance? Once a month cleaning of the filters seems like overkill to me.

I have a heavily stocked 55 tank running one Marineland C360 and I only clean that every 3 months, my water is always clear.
Unfortunately my aquarium water is not crystal clear, looking thru the front yes, down the side, cloudy. Even tho i run the 2 eheims... its a bit frusterating. I have tried everything with no result, water parameters are ideal, no sun gets to the tank, feeding is a minimal several times a day. Only other option is a "water Polisher" filter. O yeah, my maintenance is every 3 months on those filters.
The cartridge on the 350 will likely have to be swapped out every couple of days if you run it all the time. Most don't use water polishing cartridges on a consistent basis.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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