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Magnum 220 Question

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Guy gave me a MarineLand magnum 220 this for free..I unable though to find what size tank it can handle...anyone know by chance?
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Dang no one knows : / ..I can only find info on the 350
I have a Marineland C-220, not sure how similar that is to the magnum and it's rated for up to 55 gallons. I have it on my 55 and it works great, but I've only had it for 3 weeks.
Are you sure it's a 220, and not the 250 which is the HOT (Hang On Tank)?
I just acquired the same filter used, and in surfing have found it rated as 55 gal on the original packaging. It would be great to hear what folks think the actual load it will carry is.

I need to replace the bonded sleeve, but I haven't found a local replacement. Does anyone know what the measurements should be?! I can sew my own from the flat material, which I can easily get. Also, would it work well if I put some floss in the section for carbon? If so, how do I get an idea of the right amount so I don't end up filtering 10g/hour?!:confused:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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