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Mag Float - how many of you use one?

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Are they worth it? I tested one in the pet store and I was worried that the glass was going to break. :hihi:

Anybody use these? Are they effective?


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I love my magfloat, yes it's very effective and you don't have to get wet :)

sometimes It takes a few swipes before you get rid of junk in the glass but it's definitely worth the $$$.
its going to take you for ever to clean the glass anyways, will u be able to get the sides of your tanks in ur fish room,
i personall use fine filter pad..
rinse and reuse and scrubbs awesomely

but i've never used one of these to compare to so i can't give much helpful info there
+1 I love them! I have several =]

I dont leave them in the tank though, it tends to get covered in algae. Though my old SAE love to rest on it like a ledge.
Did not seem to work for me, and ended up tossing it.
I use a razor on glass tanks. Now that I have a couple of acrylic tanks I may need to get one of these.
I used to have one but I became afraid to use it when I heard stories of little bits of sand getting stuck in them and causing scratches on the glass...
I have 4 of them before,1 in each of my tank, very seldom did i use them. Took em out and never used it again. I use paper towels now to wipe the inside of my tanks.
I used to have one but I became afraid to use it when I heard stories of little bits of sand getting stuck in them and causing scratches on the glass...
Two of my tanks have been scratched due to this. I very carefully check before using them now.
I have one in each of my tanks and love them. They are great for basic daily cleaning. For more thorough cleaning, I prefer to use a magic eraser to actually scrub the glass spotless.
there okay
never use them on a acrylic tank though even if its made for mee
I use a regular old razor and get my arm wet. My fish devour the crap I scrape off the glass.
Getting your arm wet is part of the charm.
Not when you're 5'4" with a 90g tank with a canopy. Even with a stepladder, I can't touch the bottom of the tank!
I have one that was given to me and I use it. It's kind of fun to use. I probably wouldn't buy one, though. Pretty pricey and a razor blade is much more effective.
I use both the glass and acrylic ones with no problems.
I just use an old credit card to scrape the glass when I do a water change.
i remember growing up that my next door neighbor's dad had one on his 20H saltwater nano tank and i used to play with it ALL the time and he would yell at me xD so that is actually one of the first things i bought when i first got in to aquarium keeping lol i absolutely love them!
There's nothing like the sound of using one of these with a little bit of sand stuck behind it. Also you have to be careful using one of these things when you get close to the silicone edges.

If I get a brand new scratch free tank, I'm not sure I'll be using these for cleaning.

Mounting things inside the aquarium, yes, but cleaning algae, probably not.
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