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I know you all will call me as mad as a ****, for having built this DIY CO2 system.

My system consists of 4X 20 Liter, HDP jerry cans, each having its own 500ml trash traps and is parallel connected through individual flow valves to a central manifold with multiple outlets. The manifold and its outlets have a central stop-cock which can stop all outputs. Each outlet is connected to bubble counter with a flow valve and then to a different aquarium.

Each of the 4 HDP jerry cans are charged with 10 liters of yeast+sugar solution. This allows for a head room of 4X 10 liters= 40 Liters. I normally cut off the flow to my aquariums in the evening and restart it the next morning.

I am not using sugar only nor bread yeast. I am not using anything unusual either. All inputs are very commonly available in countryside markets and mostly home produced. That’s a different story from the mechanics of my foray into CO2 world.
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