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Macro Shots *More on page 2*

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Microrasbora Kubotai 2nd day of having them



And a random shot of HM

Criticism welcome! Also I need help on correcting color. How do you do this without just guessing? I don't think I have the right colors on all those pictures...
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I dunno Shumpei, but these are some nice shots! ;)
Great pictures! That fish is so pretty!
Thanks everyone. I'm using a Canon EOS 5D, a Tamron 90mm lens (which is actually mine), and a Speelight 420EX flash. Everything else is my dad's. He's a "professional" photographer. It's more of a hobby in which he makes some extra cash :-D.
Awesome! I love the metallic sheen on the kubotai!
Thanks Dkle. And I forgot to add, does anyone have more info on this fish? I've looked and looked but only find taxonomy information, and stuff like that. How about breeding these guys? I'm guessing it'll be pretty hard to do so but I'd like to try.
OK I just found one dead on the floor. Now I know they're jumpers... Not a thing I was hoping for because I have no idea how I'd cover the tank. Well I guess all fish are jumpers. But this is the second day. So something must be wrong with my water or they just like to do it.
no tripod. The settings were 1/200 shutter speed, 100 ISO, and 1/32 fstop. With a flash of course.
Very nice shots. :) I'm getting a Tamron 90mm myself soon.
sweet pics, nice fish.
they probally breed the same as a lot of other microrasbos. search forbreeding info on microrasboras spp., not bororas, that may help.
Great pics! The Microrasbora Kubotai is georgeous. Where did you get them?
If there's a taps plastic near you you can have a lid cut from twin polycarbonate.
That second picture is adorable. Looks like he's shedding a little tear with his pouty mouth.

GREAT images!
That second picture is adorable. Looks like he's shedding a little tear with his pouty mouth.
Maybe that's the one that jumped out? Suicidal? LOL J/K

Sorry to hear ya lost a fishie Shumpei. :( Now go return him to Sam and get another. LOL :tongue:
I got the kubotai from a shop in San Diego called Aquatic Warehouse. They sometimes have rare fish and I was just lucky.

I've searched for more information on breeding microrasboras in general and I haven't found much. I've found lots and lots of info on breeding Celestial Danios (otherwise known as Galaxy Rasboras), but it is a danio and not a microrasbora. I found slight information on breeding microrasbora erythromicron but they seem to be more danio-like.

I'm looking especially on more info for water parameters. I know that once I see the female get thin then I need to take out the parents and when the fry are free floating then I need to start feeding them tiny tiny foods which are probably abundant in the tank already. I THINK I need acidic water but I don't know how I'll achieve that without buying an RO filter. I don't want to buy RO water by the gallon too...
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Hehe ninja'd twice.
Thanks Jessica.

Christin: Well you see it jumped out and I promptly fed it to my dwarf crayfish... So I have no proof that it is dead because it is gone now :-D. 20 min after I popped the body in the tank I checked to see if the body was being eaten and the head was already gone.
Ugh. Another one jumped. Did I just waste 21.50? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I only have three now... Water change time.
Great shots I like how the fish goes with the rock in background.
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