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Macro and Micro ??

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Im going to start the EI dosing and i saw this bag they sell that has both macro and micro mix togerther in one bag, is it better to do them separatly? or it doesnt make any diference?
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Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Sulfate, Magnesium Sulfate, Plantex CSM+B this is what the bag contains. my tank doesnt have much plants i only have engaria densa some christmas moss and Anacharis narrow Leaf, Egeria Nanas but they are turning yellow i dont even know if doing this might help or not.
I've always dosed seperate although never thought about it much.
Hi xavinovic,

+1 for Wasserpest's comment. If you are dosing (mono) Potassium phosphate and CSM+B (now known as Plantex Plant-Prod Chelated Micronutrient Mix) which contains iron simultaneously, then the phosphate and iron can react to form Ferric phosphate which is an unsightly white compound that is insoluble in water. It also makes those nutrients unavailable to your plants.
I think what the OP has bought is PMDD package, not EI.
I'm new to planted tanks so I thought maybe I just buy some beginner plants and that should be simple.. Well I was wrong, the light I have is a GLO T5 HO double bulb so I got this plants and I thought I had to leave the light on for 12hrs well I was wrong again the plants started turning yellow and Thursday I came home I had Christmas moss on a drift wood and it look green so I was happy it was getting better well wrong again it was clado. Today I decided to restart the tank. I rinsed all the substrate by the way is Eco complete, I did 100% RO water change, brushed all the plants and rinsed them. Now I'm stuck with this drift wood and rock they seem to still have some clado and I can't seem to get it off. Well I change the subject of this post a little. So now back to EI dosing now that my thank should be good to go what can I start with dosing? I also have DIY Co2.
Depending on the size of the tank I'd look into getting a pressurized co2 system. I have a 2x t5ho fixture ten inches over my tank and it is a lot of light. In my case I have to keep a yellow drop checker in order to keep my tank algae free. Dosing a high level of ferts with the rapid growth in my tank is essential, and you are probably seeing yellowing from not enough nutrients in the tank.
What size tank do you have? If we know this we can easily suggest a good fertilizing dosing schedule. Do you have that light suspended at least 25 inches from the substrate? That is about the height it should be to get an appropriate amount of light for your plants and DIY CO2.
It's a 20 gallon high, the light is suspended 21 inches from the substrate.

here are some pictures maye someone can help me what plants would be good for the type of light, substrate and DIY Co2 i have.
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