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So, about to do a little remodeling, stay tubed for pictures!

And while your waiting, heres a few videos i took!

Heres me feeding the fry tank, a little less action than i usually get, but this was after id already fed them that morning. Also, you can spot some of my apples, and theres a closer look at my 'sick' plants, or plants im trying to grow out.

Heres a vid, hopefully showing all my gups..and my cories! I hope i got all of them in the video! Theres a shot of one of the otos, but you can glimpse them throughout the videos..

Here is one of my favorite fish, hes such a character! It starts out as a guppy/cory vid, but Bristlenose decided this video should be about him! Then he promptly says goodbye! I shouldve kept filming, cause right after i stopped, my other pleco came out! But thats the next video!

Heres Rubbernose, snuffling around the sand, looking for NLS pellets[ both plecos LOVE them] and he gets frustrated he cant find any, and settles for angrily sucking on some zucchini. My favorite part about Rubbernose is when he 'chews'. He lifts his little head, and it looks like hes chewing! Gives me a giggle every time. He does it a bit when hes 'sniffing' out pellets...Enjoy!

Now off to get my arms wet! :bounce:

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I got my Sparklies and CPDs today! They are acclimating right now, one of the CPDs doesn't look too good, he got stuck in the folds of the bag, not sure how long he'd been like that, he was stuck when I took out the bag. =\ The rest seem to be okay, except for a slight angle when they swim. Both the Sparklies an the CPDs.
Well see how we'll they do! So exciteddd!!

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First off, I decided to go a different direction with my fifty gallon.
I have given my mom a bunch of my guppies, and sold the rest, and now currently have only about 16 three month olds in the fifty gallon, [along with the cories and two plecos] that i plan on selling once they come into thier colors a bit.
I still have three tanks filled with guppy fry, so its not like im getting rid of ALL the guppies, but the fifty gallon will be void of guppies!!

What will i replace them with, you ask?

Female Betta Sorority.
Or, as i have been informed, a Female Betta Community.

Either way, Ive taken the step into female bettas!

Its a scary step, but its one I have wanted to take since day one. I just didnt feel up to the challenge.
But I do now, and Ive already bought the girls! o_O

I bought the first six on the 4th of March, and the next six the next day.
A few days go by, and two of the girls look sick, and on the 12th, the first girl died, and the other showed signs of pineconing, so i took them back to the pet store, but by a stroke of luck got PAID to take three new girls home!

See, I bought the first girls on sale, but the girl who did the return gave me credit for full price. THEN, gave me the three girls i was getting at sale price! So I got paid four-change to get new betta girls. =D

Anywho, so now i have thirteen girls.
I bought a bunch of new tupperwares from the dollar store, to replace the cups they were in. The tupperwares hole 3.6 cups, or .25 gallons.

My plan is, and has been, daily water changes, of 98% of the water.
It is tireless. It SUCKS.
But I do it, because they all need a quarantine period, of at least two weeks, and i need to add all the females at relatively the same time [the same day], so even though the first girls have already gone their two week QT, I still need to keep them in the containers for another 10-12 days, barring no more deaths/sicknesses.

I would add them straight to the tank, but there are healthy fish that are living in there already, and I have had them since near the beginning, so I would hate to lose them.

So here is the setup, only now the the tray has a bit of water in it, and underneath is a heating pad on Lo. It keeps thier containers at 76, a bit low, but the heating pad on Med gets them up to like 80-82, and I figured less is more? Oh, and add one more tupperware.

And this is the tank, with the cories, the bristlenose and rubbernose, and various snails. and currently the 16ish juvie/adult guppies, who are maintaining the biological filter til the girls are ready. That day they will be transfered to a bin i have ready and either that day or the next day, they will be sold. Or given away, in an RAOK. I dunno yet!

Next post will be pictures of the girls and personality profile!
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