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So, Ive decided to shut down my other journals, and put everything in one place. Also, i had no more space to upload photos, so i had to condense!
Ill be starting with the most up to date pictures, and if anyone actually cares to see, i have past pictures of most of the tanks. I take alot of pictures, and i like to
Ill also be throwing in pictures of my fuzzy family, of which i have many!

Im going to start with my biggest tank, my 50 gallon.
Specs are as follows:
Lighting - single 48 in t8 6500k
Ferts - Flourish comprehensive supplement, osmocote tabs
Substrate - play sand
Flora - Sword plants, [three of which are potted with miracle grow organic potting mix]
aponogeton ulvaceus,
java fern,
guppy grass
rotala green
horn wort
repens x arcuata
ludwiga repens
dwarf sag
penny wort
crypt [brown i think?]
rotala rotundifolie
random mosses
marimo ball
and various floaters

Fauna: 24 Guppies, 7 cories [green and albino, and one spotted] and 5 otos. Theres also a bristle nose pleco and a rubbernose pleco, along with a 'dusting' of RCS.
I feed New Life Spectrum, .5mm and 1mm, and tetra veggie algea wafers. My plecos go nuts over the NLS, and the cories and gups over the algea wafers! Go figure! Ive yet to have seen any of the otos eating one of the wafers, but for right now, theres plenty of algea in there for five little guys!

Heres a FTS, but more pictures to come after i get out of work!
Water Plant Plant community Vertebrate Green

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That does look good! How long has it been set up? I also use low light and I don't use co2, but I am going to give Flourish Excel a try in one of my tanks to see if I like it.

btw, I'm not sure what photo host you use (to run out of room) but the Image Hosting here is fantastic - I have pages & pages of pics stored here...

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Thanks so much guys! Ive worked so hard at my two planted tanks..Im nervous showing them off! Lol
First off, for the picture thing, all i do is when your in the 'advanced reply' page, theres a paper clip icon, for attachments, and you can manage attachments..theres a size limit on the amount of pictures you can have.
At least thats how it is for me! Id love to be able to post unlimited pictures! Im such a photo taker! =]

As for the tank, no, there is no CO2, and never will be! Lol I spend enough on the hobby as it is, my boyfriend might just kill me if i try to buy a system! And im not entirely convinced if i managed a DIY that i would be able to stop myself from then buying a system..Its a vicious circle with me..Lol!
Its been set up since July of last year, about five or so months? I change things Alot..=]

Also, I edited the tanks info, more specifics.. =]
More pictures to come, uploading now!

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So, here are some close ups of the fifty gallon. =] Sorry for the quality, im using a loswer quality camera! Sorry!
Also, the cup on the front glass, thats for water changes. I use milk jugs, and it helps to not batter the plants around if i have a cup to pour in! The fish have actually grown accustomed to it, and play in it, sleep in it and occasionally, get stuck in it for the hundreth time. [Their not really stuck, they just think they are![

Plant Leaf Water Botany Organism

I plan on doing some shifting of the plants in this area, suggestions are welcome!

Water Plant Plant community Vertebrate Green

Lookit that Ulvaceus! Isnt she perrty? =]

Water Plant Plant community Green Botany

I want more caboma...I want a FOREST of caboma...:hihi:

And heres a shot, with the flash, cause i think it looks cool..
Plant community Plant Botany Wood Rectangle

And some shots of the fishums in the tank..First, Tyrion, who has decreed there shall be no other blue in the tank except for him. Really. Any fish is cool, but any blue fish i put in the tank, never survives. So, he wins. He gets to be King. lol
Plant Vertebrate Water Green Underwater

Hes really very docile, and just slowly glides around, surveying his subjects, and taking leisurely naps on whatever plans look inviting. Really..Hes a napper. I have broad leaf watersprite, and i kind of hate it, since if left alone culd cause mass of plantsthat lead to ammonia spikes! I let it grow in my fry tank, cause they love it, but so does Tyrion. He was so sad when i took it all out and replaced it. So I used another of the cups with suction cups, i think thier for bathrooms, bought em at the dollar store, and wound the roots of a largish watersprite around the suction cups, and made and 'under the water' couch for him...And he loves it!
Plant Terrestrial plant Organism Aquatic plant Grass

There are cories as well, six of em. I originally started with 11, but have lost a few along the way, learning. Theres three of green and albino, and one spotted. Im thinking i might get more, but im not sure. If i did id like a different kind of cory, but a hardy one..
Water Plant Organism Terrestrial plant Aquatic plant

In that pictureyou can see my newest addition. Loop-dee-crypt! I have no idea what happened in shipping, but these crypts leaves are twisted around so much, it was hard to even plant them without breaking a leaf! It looks like a joungle gym! Are they supposed to look like that? Will they straighten, or whatever? Ive never had crypts before, so this is my first experience. Ive heard of crypt melt, should i just clip the leaves and wait for new leaves?
Water Plant Green Organism Terrestrial plant

if you need better pictures, i have them.

Taking pictures of my guppies is difficult, so ill have to get to that photo shoot another time...:cool:
And with those will be my Otos, which i have a habit of calling, 'Otto Delanys' [those of you who are fans of Sons Of Anarchy :biggrin: ] oh well, i doubt they mind. or the fact that i belly tickle them when they hang on the glass. LOL. :icon_redf

Id also like to introduce my goldfish tank.
Now, she isnt pretty. But shes healthy. May not be quite big enough, but its a winter thing, and due to financial reasons, we cant afford to upgrade this tank. They do live out the spring, summer and fall in a 100 gallon pond in my backyard.
Its due for its front glass being scraped, but the back of the tank is a mirror, and i hate it. So, ive let algae cover it, andit would be completely covered, if it werent for a certain giant pond snail, who only likes the cold temps of this tank, eating whirls and spirals all over the place. I like the patterns, ill have to take a picture of them! And him..
Anyways, here it is:

Water Plant Green Pet supply Organism

45 gallons
bare bottom, plastic plants, on grids, for easy cleaning, and a few old heavy fake decorations to weigh them down.
This tank also has a cup, for water changes, only its almost completely covered in fuzzy algea. The longfin goldie loves to nap in the cup..I wouldn't mind either, it ooks comfy!
There are two 'normal' goldfish, one with a white patch on his face, and hes lighter than the other, about three and a half years old, and a koi about a year older. She [ik think of her as a she] is the survivor of a trio bought by my mother, along with the goldfish, and were grossly mistreated before i was allowed to take care of them. [She doesnt believe in water changes..for goldfish! :angryfire: ]
Theres also a longfin goldfish that was bought at about threen inches last fall, to replace her losing the largest of the koi. He jumped out of the pond. At first the others and him didnt mix, didnt swim together, always the three of them on one side and him on the other. But theyve gotten used to each other, and longfin has grown, so they dont seem to separate as much anymore.
As for their pond, its just a plastic molding, half dug in the ground, and rocks built up around it and mom is a great gardener, has the 'land' green thumb.
And since i have a too curious dog, the pond also has a green wire fence around it, and long bamboo sticks, which proved neccesary because said too curious dog jumped over the fence to look at the fishies, and fell in. :icon_roll
Ill see if i have any pictures of the pond..right now its all dead and covered insnow. Not a pretty sight!
Oh, but heres a semi close up of the goldies all together. Its near impossible to get a good picture of all of them!
Water Plant Underwater Fluid Flowerpot

Originally, i thought i could use the sirface of this tank to store floating plants, but when the first water sprites were devoured, it became a dumping ground for all my extra floaters! they eat em all! Except for water lettuce leaves..the roots, though, are fair game. I feed them New Life Spectrum Goldfish formula, and zucchini.

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That Aponogeton is amazing! What a focal plant!

You may want to try TPT's Image Hosting - it sounds like you like to share tons of pics like me - lol. If you scroll to the top of the page you will see "Image Hosing" right under the word "Tank" in The Planted Tank banner. Click on it, and you can pull images from whatever photo hosting site you use (I use Picasa folders on my hard drive). Presently we have unlimited photo storage here on TPT - I think I'm up to something like 18 pages! Give it a try and see how you like it...I love it.

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Couldent post a picture of the apono taking over the tank without going into another whole tank, which will come later! I did find this one that shows how big it really is:
Plant Font Rectangle Terrestrial plant Art

This one is my favorite, though!
I call it Magnificent Aponogeton Leaves
Plant Terrestrial plant Leaf vegetable Aquatic plant Groundcover

The darker green leaves are of the aponogeton bolivianus. Its another wowsa of a plant, coming to me looking like this, a cute little plant...
Art Painting Wood Paint Drawing

and it turned into this beast!
Textile Sleeve Creative arts Rectangle Font

He is still in my 15 gallon , and all those bright dark green leaves have brown spots on them..Im not sure whats happening, but youll see the leaves when i post the pictures for the 15 gallon..

Also, Ill be checking out the image hosting...I just figured those were all link to ads..not actual TPT things!!

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Khodii. aka Doodle; The Poodle - My Forever Puppy

Figure its time you meet my very special pup, Khodii.
Dog Dog breed Toy Carnivore Yellow

Hes a dachshund-poodle, which i found out was known as a Doxie-Poo, at my veterinarians office, reading a book on designer breeds. Silliest sounding breed if i ever heard one.
Either way, Khodii has a very unique personality, and a history to match.
About Two years ago i moved to maine, and while i was there, i was at a friends house, and a 'family friend' drove up with this puppy, and asked if anyone wanted it.
The puppy was a white poodle-thing, but was so dirty it was brown. Its fur was obviously matted all over, and his hopeful eyes looked at us, and it was wiggling on the grass, just so damned happy to be meeting new people.
I asked them why they were getting rid of the puppy, and The little kid said something along the lines of how he put a bowl of food and water in the closet and he kept pooping on the floor and barking all the time. :angryfire: :angryfire:
The only thing i could think was to get this poor thing away from these people, who let there child keep a 7 month old puppy in their closet for TWO WEEKS.
I told them i would take him, and waited for them to leave. Then i sat on the grass, and got kisses from the dog who would be my constant companion, whether i liked it or not, forever more. Or until Khodii finially has an anxiety attack that kills him.

[Sometimes, we shave Doodle..Thats when you can see his dachshund-ness. With fur, he looks just like a poodle, just longer. Like an extra half a poodle. Its alot of silly. Lol.]
Dog Dog breed Carnivore Companion dog Snout

Cause, those a$%&*les damages this poor puppy so badly he cried almost continuously after they left. I had gotten myself into a whole heap of trouble with this one. Khodii had severe, severe, seperation anxiety. You needed to be holding him, but that wasnt enough, he still cried. When he was on the ground he was under your feet constantly, you were stepping on him, he was jumping on you, craving attention 24/7 every minute...He was a handful. The shrieks outside the bathroom door were the worst, which lead to him being in the bathroom with you. Which was a bad habit to break. Especially since when Khodii landed in my lap, he came fully equipped with ten thousand fleas. Enough that so when he was wet, they covered his entire face. It was a horrily gross amount, and we eventually destroyed those nasties, but by that time, already emotionally distraught puppy is now traumatized and terrified of the bathroom.

Khodii was a bag full of tricks, but as i cut off his matts, and found his cute little face, and his wierd long skinny tail, I fell in love with him. He became my mission, and at that time, i needed him, But definitely not as obsessivly as he needed me. Lol.

[Khodii does have an abnormally long tail, and its really skinny. It looks really wierd on him. Thankfully, his tail fur grows long. And it looks like this...=] ]
Dog Dog breed Carnivore Plant Companion dog

I ended up moving back home to Rhode Island, and i took Khodii with me. Its been two years now, and he is much better, after our stern and very repetitive talk on boundaries, and no longer is a handful, though you can bet a dollar, or a hundred, that as i write whatever i write on this forum, he is overly close, almost on top of me, and trying to get me to pet him, even in his sleep.
Hes definitely still a wierd dog, but I love him, and were both lucky he was dropped into my life.
Dog Green Plant Carnivore Grass

[The other puppy is a new-ish addition to our family..youll meet her later! But yeah, shes trippin on her!]

Dog Carnivore Dog breed Water dog Companion dog

This is about the poiint when wee clip him down..and always, hes cold after, so we give the Doodle a blanket..=]
Vertebrate Dog Comfort Cloud Felidae

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The tanks look great. The crypts will straighten out. When I took them out of the 75g they did that as they were floating in the 29g. Mine just straightened out. They look great once they fill in. Mine made a little jungle on the left side of my tank. It's a pain to wait for them to fill in again.

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Thats not where id like them, in the end, i just had no idea what to do with them, and that was a bare patch of sand...see?
Water Plant Plant community Vertebrate Green

I have a few other new plants coming in this week, so ill be doing a rescaping...:biggrin:

Im glad theyll straighten out! Some of the leaves dont look healthy, i should snip those off, correct?

My substrate in this tank is just playsand. My swords are in pots, that contain Miracle Grow Organic with a sand cap, with osmocote. When i permanently plant the crypts, should i do this? Or will they be okay with just the sand?

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To post the pic;

1 = click on Image Hosting up by the top banner, that brings you to your photos you've saved to Image Hosting.
2 = when you decide what pic you want to post, scroll below it and left click on Image URL (the forth row down, under the pic). That will highlight the URL in blue.
3 = right click on the now-highlighted blue bar, and choose "copy".
4 = start your post/message in the message box at the bottom of the thread page - just like you were going to write a reply to a thread. Right click on the yellow square box with a landscape in it, it's the next-to-last icon in the top of the message box.
5 = when you click on that yellow landscape box, you will get a pop up box that prompts you to add the URL of your image. To do so, first delete the "http" that's already in there, highlighted in blue. Then right click to paste your pic's URL, the one you just copied on your Image Hosting page. That will insert your pic into the message.

I'm not the greatest at explaining things - I hope I wasn't too convoluted! lol

oops! edited to change step 5. I had to go through the steps, and realized I don't know my left from my right - lol

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Fry tank, and Bathroom Tank, and my Bedside tank!!

So, you guys know i have guppies, so that means i have fry! Tons of fry...So many. The numbers on my last batches are crazy! In october, there was 98, that i caught. November was lost to an ich outbreak, brought in by a sick fish. December was 57. But Janurary...So far, im at 183! :confused1:
There are still fry in the tank!
I only have two fry tanks right now, a ten gallon and a 2.5! And the ten gallon already had Decembers batch in i dumped twenty or so in the 2.5 that was supposed to be for growing algae rocks for my otos. I netted out the yellow fry, a few of the darkest fry, a couple of the biggest, and added those to the 10 gallon, and the rest i had to add to my goldfish tank. :icon_redf
I couldent look until two days later, and saw nothing..I felt horrible, but what was i supposed to do? I definitely had a surplus of babies!
A couple of days later i happened to see flashes of silver in the tank after the lights were off..goldies were drifting aimlessly, dozing, but all along the bottom of the tank were tiny guppy fry! Im guessing they hide in the dense plastic plant grids i made, and come out at night..Little survivors. =]

Anyways, sorry for being long winded, but heres the ten gallon fry tank, nothing spectacular, easy to clean, kind of a plant recovery tank as well as apple snail breeding den. Yep, theres seven apples in there, two known female, one other possible female, three male and one unknown.
[[Ive had three successfull egg clutches, and have juvie apples from each in my tanks! =] ]]
Water Plant Green Pet supply Organism

The tank is a standard ten gallon, lit by a single 36 in t8 6500k. A bit long, but it works. It also lights a bulb growing tank i set up, and a few bowls with mosses in them that are usually in front of the tank.
I feed em NLS .5 mm, even when thier little, cause once they grab one, they just carry it around!

I should take a video of feeding time..they are so cute!


My other 'fry' tank in my Bathroom Tank.
Yep its in my half bath, where i fill my water jugs, and drain my fish water. Its got alot of fish related stuff in it, and my Mother wont go in that bathroom anymore, because shes wierded out. Lol. :icon_roll

Anyways, This tank, as i said, was supposed to be an algae factory for my otos, just cause i wanted to see if i could do it, if i needed it, and was set up, with two of the wierdest guppies ive ever seen, more on them later if you guys want. =] ]
Then i won an RAOK, and got a riparium planter, with a plant named R. brittoniana, which i had planned on putting in the ten gallon, to help with water quality, but with the addition of the fry, i figured they could use the extra boost in the newer tank. Theres also a 'betta bowl' that has java moss clippigs growing out in it. The fry really like to hide in there...:biggrin:
The tank looks a bit shabby, but its serving a purpose right now..but that just means its time to start planning for what it looks like after these babies leave the tank! :hihi:
Plant Flowerpot Houseplant Wood Fluid


And now for the Bedside Tank! :bounce:
This bad boy has seen all sizes, starting with a .5 gal with a single ghost shrimp upgrading all the way up to its current size 15 gallons. =]
Its a trial and error tank, where i really tried planting, since things seemed to flourish! I took pictures of this tank at all sizes, and almost every rescape...Its the tank im most proud of, cause you can see how much ive improved in this hobby.

Lemme tell you the stats, before the pictures, so here we go:

Lighting: standard ten gallon hood, on glass top, two CFL bulbs, 13 watts each, said to be more medium than low light.
Substrate: standard black gravel, [thinking of making a beach area]
Ferts: Flourish Comprehensive Supplement, osmocote caps spaced along the glass. when scape is they way i want, ill be adding red clay caps for iron and dolomite/potash for potassium and calcium.

aponogeton undulatus
aponogeton Boivinianus , soon to be removing, its got spots!
Aponogeton distachyum
crinum calamastratum
rotala rotundifolia
banana plants
small sword plant
parrots feather
rotala red
ludwiga cuba
ludwiga repens
dwarf sag
red dwarf lily bulb

5x least killifish
5x 2-3 week old guppy fry
2x African Dwarf frog
2x RCS
Soon to add:
6x sparkling gourami
6x celestial pearl danios
and ill be gathering up a few more shrimp from my other tanks as well

and heres the FTS!
Plant Botany Organism Terrestrial plant Vegetation

And one with the flash, it shows some parts better than the one without..
Plant Water Vertebrate Green Organism

And here are close ups of the tank:
Plant Light Nature Leaf Botany

thats the feeding dish, the frogs sure know what that is! you can see the spots on my boivinianus, which is why i gotta take him out. And in thelower let hand corner you can see my red dwarf lily bulb. =]
Plant Light Leaf Sunlight Vegetation

My best plant, hands down. I love this Banana plant. =] Its leaves are huge! The tank is a foot tall! And ive just gotten the most beautiful lilly pad from it. You can also see my 'stripes' of foreground..dwarf sag in back then marsilea, and then im trying to get pennywort to sort of does, and i really like it, but it doesnt grow hardly. and its the only small leaves pennywort i have..lthe others are huge....
Plant Terrestrial plant Organism Grass Groundcover

Like the penny wort wrapped around my arch here! =]
Plant Water Grass Terrestrial plant Aquatic plant

Heres one of the other Banana plants i have, next to what should be a growing repens x xarcuata forest. :biggrin:

Heres a few shots of the guys who live here, a shot of three least killies playing in the plants..if you can find em, kudos!
Plant Terrestrial plant Grass Aquatic plant Groundcover

And of the frogs!
Plant Terrestrial plant Aquatic plant Grass Aquarium

Plant Leaf Terrestrial plant Ingredient Grass

And that, guys, its the end of my tanks! :wink: for now...:wink:

I do have quite a few more things to post about, so keep reading! =]

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I found the Least Killies! It was like a Where's Waldo contest - lol

I'm interested in your weird guppies - what makes them so different?

Lots of good projects started, and the bedside tank is wonderfully lush, but am I reading this right? It's a 15g tank, and it's going to be stocked with this;
5x least killifish
5x 2-3 week old guppy fry
2x African Dwarf frog
2x RCS
Soon to add:
6x sparkling gourami
6x celestial pearl danios
and ill be gathering up a few more shrimp from my other tanks as well

I'm no expert, but that sounds like far too much for a 15 to me. I'd be interested to know what those with more knowledge/experience than me say...

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Haha! It is! Especially since the tank is so big, and they are so small, and theres only five...they dont swim like other fish. they stop, and slowly pivot, so you cant really tell their there. then they dart about, and freeze, and inspect whatever. They are very interesting fish!
From what i understood, nano fish are different, as they are so small. The tank being so planted also makes a difference, i believe.
The guppy fry are temporary, and one of the ADF will be moved to a different tank.

My wierd guppies..They are gups that i raised, in one of my first batches, from my original nine. Their all silver, with a dark streak through their eye. In most direct light, they have a nice purple sheen to their scales. One is male and one is female, and they never stray from each other. They are always together, one following the other, neither one seems to be dominant. The female is much bigger than the male, and he has an obvious gonopodium. I believe they are sterile, because ive had them in a few tanks alone with each other, on account that they are nippers, and ive never had any fry in those tanks.
I dunno where they came from, and they are trouble makers, but i like

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Blooms and such! =D

So, my aponogetons have been mad!
And my banana plant finally shot up a viable lily pad, so i figured id share these with you guys!

This is the start of the flower, unusual, but i see the beauty in them. =]

These blooms are from my aponogeton d., that i grew from petsmart bulbs. =]

Heres another shot, with the lily pad, curled in the back! It hadnt fully opened yet..

And heres one of the lilly pad!

[[ill have to put that one in later!]]

And my massive aponogeton ulvaceus is blooming as well! Three times!

Thats the first one, about two weeks old now? Im not sure hoe long they last under the water, but well see...

The second bloom, started a little wonky, but grew huge!

And the third bloom, big as ever!

As far as i know, my apono wont go dormant, only some species of the plant do, and ulvaceus isnt one of them..not sure of diatchyon though.

Either way, lots of flowers, all at the same time! Whoo! =]
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