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I got this as a hideaway a few months back.

Been struggling it has.

Leaves curl but still has grown from one small shoot too, two larger ones.

Base of the the two tall ones turn black , I cut put back in the Gravel, and they grow back to start the process all over again.

So what I do to keep them growing and looking good with a green stem.

I do the EI deal, forced co2, that lowers the ph 1.1 so about good there.

I also dose trace and Iron strange plant indeed.

Maybe not enough Iron or Potassium?

Under 4- 54 watt T5HO lights two aqua Flora and two Mid day German bulbs,

over a 75 Gallon tank.

Root tabs maybe?



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Overfloater is right, we need photographs. Close up, focused pictures of the damage.

Are you using soil?
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