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Ludwigia repens staying green

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Hey folks,

I've had some Ludwigia repens for a little over a month now that I believe was grown emersed originally (smaller and rougher leaves). Anyway originally the undersides were red with the tops remaining green.

Well now after about 3 trimmings and replanting, the leaves are much more broad but they are for the most part green on both sides. I dose EI daily with a little extra DPTA iron, pressurized co2, and you can see in the photo I use 3x23w 5000k cfl bulbs about 3 inches over my 20 long.

How can I bring out more red in these plants?
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That's strange because my repens is planted in a low-tech tank and it's still more red than that.. what you see there similar to your repens, at least in leaf shape/pattern?

I wonder if I have to allow these stems to establish themselves?

Also, I have Alternanthera reineckii and its new growth is coming in really red.
That is weird, it looks like you have enough light judging by the low growing glosso. Do you trim the glosso a lot? May be switch to a 6500k light bulb? But that really is a nice shade of green.
Well I originally had 3 6500k bulbs in and switched out to 5000k and things started looking better. I think the 6500k bulbs may have been a little old. As for the glosso it's about 2 weeks now since I've trimmed it to the dirt. I didn't spare a single leaf and all of that is new growth. I think I'll trim it entirely down once more to get the leaves to come in a little smaller.
More intense lighting is the best way to bring out the reds in most plant species.

After that, if nitrates are high plants seem to look more green. Nitrates supposedly promote fast vegetative growth.
My daily KNO3 is 3/16 tsp. The tank is 20 gallons. I'll drop it back at the end of this week when I make my new stock solutions and report back to everyone.

Thank you for the suggestions
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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