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Ludwigia Repens-How close to plant?

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I have a moderately planted 29 gal tank, and recently recieved 50 stems of ludwigia repens to add to it. I want to add it on the right wall, in a diagonal, beginning at the front corner & ending 1/3 of the way across the back, just behind a piece of driftwood. (I hope that makes sense...) I know this is a very common plant, but I've never had ludwigia in my tank before, so how close should I plant them? I would like a thicket of them, but will the roots rot if I put them too close together?

Thanks in advance!
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ludwigia grows best for me when spaced about 1/2 of an inch apart or more. and to achieve the full thicket effect good trimming practices will knab u that which u desire. every trim will result usually in two branches popping up
I did the same. About an inch works and they fill in decently. Unfortunately someone's making a meal out of them
Inch or so, or i bunch them up to make a bushier sort of look to the plant
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