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Greetings everyone! The weather is starting to get good and my tanks are full (again).

Expect higher stem counts than what is listed!

DUTCH PACKAGE #1 - Foreground + stems
Package 1 for $30 shipped via USPS Priority mail:

- 3 x Ludwigia sp. red
- 4 x Ludwigia lacustris
- 3 x Limnophila aromatica (beautiful, purple hued stems)
- 6 x Rotala assorted (hr'a, singapore, colorata mix)
- Golfball Monte Carlo (my favorite carpeting plant)
- 2 rooted crowns of Downoi
- Peacock moss golfball
+ Freebies (From the 30 or so species in my tanks...)


DUTCH PACKAGE #2 - Budget Package

Package 2 for $23 shipped via USPS Priority mail:

- 5 x Rotala colorata + h'ra (pink, red, and orange)
- 2 x Ludwigia atlantis
- 3 x Ludwigia arcuata x repens
- 3 x Bacopa caroliniana
- Golfball mixed moss (Peacock and Java mix)
- 2 x Downoi
- 2x2+ Pearlweed (low-tech foreground)

Package 3 for $25 shipped via USPS Priority mail:

- 4 x Bacopa monnieri
- 3 x Water wisteria
- Golfball mixed moss (Peacock and Java mix)
- 3x Java Fern 'windelov'
- Anubias nana 6+ leaf rhizome
- Mystery buce...(probably brownie red, but who knows)
+ Freebies

I have MANY more species available - if you want something in particular, it can be added or substituted within this package - just PM me if you have any questions :p

All plants are grown in high light and pressurized co2, with an EI fert regiment. All stems will be 4+ inches and are nice, healthy tops. I do have mts and ramshorn snails, so please dip if you don't want hitchhikers (although I do rinse thoroughly before shipping).

DOA Policy: Please be mindful for your weather. DOA fee (minus shipping and handling costs) is only given if clear picture is presented within 2 hours of delivery.

I take payment via Paypal - PM me for details!

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