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Ludwigia Peruensis ? Ludwigia Glandulosa.

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Does anybody have any experience with this plant? Also called Ludwigia Glandulosa. I have had this plant for a while and it is doing pretty good, except it does not really seem to grow. I have it in a 38gal. tank with Eco Complete substrate, 192watt Pc lighting, temp 78 degrees, PH 7.2. , Flourish Exel and Flourish are the only additives I use. This plant is very purple which I love but it is in the backround and will not grow like the others I have in the backround. Any info would help.
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How long have you had it in the tank? This plant in general is a slow grower but once it is established it grows much faster. Check the roots to see if there is new white root growth. If there is, you have nothing to worry about, if not then something needs to be done about your water parameters.
I do have good white roots. The plants have been in the tank about a month. They have grown very little. Once they are established how long would you say it should take to reach the upper portions of my tank. The tank is about 21" tall. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
It is very slow indeed. In a high light setup I usually see only about .5 inch a week of growth.

If it is purple that means it is getting enough light, sometimes hard to achieve considering this plants requirements, and it seems to take it's time growing upward. If it receives less light, it will grow upward faster but lose it's color.
Mine grows quite quick about an inch a day when it gets near the higher light in my tank. I dose EI, have a 75 gallon with 4 54 watt t5's Mind you only 3 are working right now, And heavy co2.
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