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Ludwigia "Pantanal"- strange transformation

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My stem plants had their usual appearance with narrow-long leaves like soft bottles brush, and their tops in golden to crimson colour. After a while( i think when they get to water surface) the leaves changed and became short and wide, and that is common to all the stems. After two monthes that the stems are completly submersed, this appearance of the leaves didn't changed back. When i see them now, i can't believe that they are the same plants i had before. Someone here had this before or have explanation?
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Ive had this happen with new plants that ive bought, beacuse they were grown emersed and when i put them in my tank they are submerged and form a different looking plant all together sometimes. maybe this is what happend or if not possibly a dificiency of some sort?

the plant i noticed a huge change in was Ludwigia inclinata the leaves went from nice short more rounded leaves to long and thin.
that is the emersed (out of water) form for ludwigia pantanal. If you cut off the stem and replant it submersed (under water) it will slowly go throught the tranformation in reverse again.
It's like this more than 2 monthes, even the stems are submersed. There is any chance the leaves will return to be like before?
yes, if you keep the plant submersed- if they start growing emersed again it will start back up with the current type of growth....
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