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Hey all, I ordered some plants a while back and the company sent me the wrong plant.. Anyway, the one they sent was Ludwigia Ovalis.. I started to really like this plant regardless of the wrong order..

Anyway, i planted it after they were basically melted/near death when i got them.

Several days after i planted them they perked right up and began growing rapidly.. Soon after they just started rotting from the root up. I have no idea why.. If anyone can help id love to know why this is happening..

I have High light.. a 36'' T5 HO Aquatic Life fixture.. 2 bulbs. Both 39w.. One is 6000k and other is 650nm Roseate.. Ive also added an old coralife 2 bulb flat fixture with poor reflectors on the back of my tank from time to time to boost growth, but even that didn't help.

I was dosing ferts anywhere from everyday, to every other day with Pfertz.

They still died.. To this day, it is the only plant I have not been able to grow in my tank.. Everything else has grown pretty nicely other than that plant.

Any info would be much appreciated..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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