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Ludwigia ID?

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So a seller (not from forum) sent me only 1/2 a portion of dwarf baby tears I paid for. When I talked to them about it they said they'd send a replacement. You'd assume it'd be dwarf baby tears right? Not even close.

Got this: some ludwigia that wasn't even on my original order list. I think its an emersed form ludwigiga red of some sort, not sure exact type though??


thank you ^^
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I believe it's Ludwigia palustris.
Yes, but it's important to point out that while the 'red' does appear to be palustris, it's not the same palustris you might find along the average pond here in the states. I don't know the origin of the red and it's even more mysterious because it's pretty much the same everywhere you find it.

Thank you both for the replies! ^^
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