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Ludwigia Glandulosa

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I got this plant at my LFS a couple weeks ago, and the top of the leaves were pretty much green. It has since turned orange in my tank. Like, really orange. I know it can be a challenging plant, so I'm curious if there is anything else I can do to make it less orange and more red, or if I'm SOL and should be looking into an easier red colored plant.

Tank specs:
4x 18watt T5NO (17 inches from substrate)
DIY co2 (two 2litres, one switched out each week).
EI dry ferts, dosing half KNO3
pFertz Iron root tabs
Flourite substrate
GH 7
KH 2.5

My biggest issue with it is that I'm trying to use it in my "golden rule" spot, and I'd like it to be some-what brighter. It doesn't need to be brick red or anything (doubt I'd get it with my current set-up), but I was hoping I could get it would get more... red.
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In my experience, the more light this plant receives, the redder it becomes. I'm not sure about orange though. Sounds more like Ludwigia inclinata.

In my experiences ,adding more iron to my fert regimen took my orange tinted L. arcuata x repens to a deep red tint. The iron surplus also attributed to deeper red colors in my other red laced plants. Light was also a contributing factor.
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