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8 Starter variety pac. No algae. Grown in medium to highlight tanks.
Each variety will be labeled and water tight sealed.

Lindernia sp India available for $2.50 each or take the package below for less price.

5x Rotala Colorata
5x Rotala Yao Yai
4x Rotala Vietnam
5x Limnophila repens mini
2x Ludwigia Atlantis
3x Lindernia sp India
3x Hygro Bold
4x Myrio Ghuyana (at least 3" long)

$19. Shipping $6. ***PENDING***
Photos for reference:

Myrio Ghuyana

L Repens mini

Ludwigia Atlantis

Rotala Vietnam

Lindernia sp India (rare)

Willow Moss on 2x2 mesh
Fully grown. About 2~3 golf balls
$18. Shipping $6 for ALL moss purchase.


Peacock Moss $8


Anchor Moss $9


Taiwan moss $7


I sell Osmocote PLUS with ratio 15-9-12 (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium) (a 5-3-4 ratio). NOT the regular Osmocote without "plus" sold out there.

Osmocote Plus Rootabs in white & green capsules
50pcs Osmocote Plus Rootabs - $10 Shipped.
100pcs Osmocote Plus Rootabs - $15 Shipped. (less $2 if purchased with moss or plants)


Harris Dual Stage Regulator. Brand new old stock. 1 left.
w/ newly installed cga 320 nut and nipple. (cost me about $15)

$80 plus $17 shipping. Price is fix.

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