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i've started my planted tank journey with an lowtech tank and currently thats growing in just fine (year or so)
But i wanted to take it a step further.
The plants are growing slowly but i'm happy with it.
But one things bothers me and that is a little algea on some of the plants.
I'm guessing its got something to do with nutritions.
Now my setup isn't anyting spectacular but for a total newbie i'm happy with some of the plant growth.

Currently i don't dose anything and do a 50% waterchange every month or so.
Water parameters are stable so why would i need to do more i thought.
I've found some plantedtank videos on youtube and most people did a waterchange every week.
(but they did dose and most of them used co2)

But what would be the best steps to take right now?
I'm guessing its the best plan to get a new testing set for accurate measurements instead of the simple strip i currently am using.

If i know my exact water parameters i could find out what i causing the slight algea growth and counter that with some added ferts.
But what would you guys advise?

First test the water with a proper set.
Find missing nutritions and add them by ferts (powder or liquid or all in one ferts?)
Dose every week with a waterchange? of every month with the water change?

And would a co2 set be helpfull right now?
Or should i purely focus on this problem and get the co2 after this is solved?
Im planning to get co2 in the future and make a better scape.
This was currently a test to see if the plants would grow or not.

Sorry for the long post but i'm hoping some people have some advice for me.
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