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lowering ph~ (video by pondguru)

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Enjoy~ many choice and selections to lower ph!! i like that peat ball!!
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The problem with the peat ball is how much do you squeeze it to get what pH? Sure, peat will lower the water but it's not consistent just to squeeze a ball around in a tank for a while.

This is my DIY peat filtration for making low pH water.

Depending on the flow of the water, I can bring 7.8pH, 8-9gH, 8-9kH, 190TDS tap water down to 4.6pH, 1-2gH, 0kH, 90TDS or 6.6pH, 5gH, 2-3kH, 130TDS or anywhere in between. It's taken me a while to figure out the best way to do and lots of trial and error but I can get it pretty consistent now, at least with 0.2pH of my target pH and 10+- TDS, and I used a buffering soil, so it takes care of the rest anyways for me.

Just to squeeze some in though like in that video, you could lower your pH down to 4 or even lower. I've hit 3.6pH at one point playing around.
ideally hit 5 - 5.5 ph is what im looking for~ i prefer the natural way i have all those in the tanks besides the cones and the peat balls~ lol! i think i might drop some peat granule into the canister.. see what it will bring me.. currently on 5.9~
Hi cantsay,
Nice find. Thanks for sharing. I think in a pinch, backwater extract looks to be an interesting alternative for some of us, though as the presenter states, is only temporary as peat in the tank also offers a buffering effect to some degree. But as getochkn mentions the potency is also u predictable. Best to test and determine its usefulness over time and adjust accordingly.

Again, useful video. Thanks

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