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Lower leafs of my Limnophila sessiliflora are turning brown

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Is this normal?

If not, what can I do to help it. I am dosing P, Flourish, and Flourish Iron. My N is at 10ppm, ph = 6.0, kh = 7.0. I use Flourite and Flourite Red for substrate, 10# inject CO2 and 582 watts of PC over my 100 gallon. Oh, w/d filteration.

Also, the lower part of the stem is brown as well but the higher part of the plant is very big, healthy and green. Is this a sign to trim the plant?

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In really large, dense groups of plants, the lower parts never look perfect. Are the bottom parts dying or just shedding their leaves?
They are not dying but I thinking they are shedding now that you mentioned. It is a dense group, I have about 15 stems of them and some of them have only 1" part from the others. I will try to spread them out and see how it goes.

It sounds normal then. Many aquascapers will hide the lower parts of the background stem groups with the midground or a hardscape.
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