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So here's my sad tale. I fell in LOVE with some solid B grade CRS (with the cutest little white stripes!) at my LFS, so when my shrimp nano finished cycling, I decided to run out to grab some. Here is the official transcript from my LFS:

Me: Hi, can I have five of those low grade crystal reds?
LFS: What?
Me: Those shrimp over there.
LFS: Cherry shrimp?
Me: The crystal reds. Those right there.
LFS: Oh, yeah, all cherry shrimp.
Me: Okay, fine. I'd like five, please.
LFS: Not for sale. Display tank only. We have more (shows me cherry shrimp).
Me: No thanks.
LFS: These same shrimp.
Me: Thanks anyway.
Exeunt fish store.

So now I'm hopping mad and trying to snag myself some B/C grade CRS. Maybe one of you has some A culls that look more like Bs? I don't want to pay an arm and a leg but it sure would be nice to snag a few.

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