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I’m looking to make some changes to my 70 litre tank to improve my plants and would appreciate any suggestions. I’ve looked around on forums for the correct lighting but finding it tricky. I also have the lid to consider, as currently the light sits within the lid.

If you had a couple of hundred pounds to spend, how might you upgrade this?

Current setup:
70 litres
60cm long
NovoLux 60 LED light with 8 Watts
Bioflow One internal filter
Seachem fluorite soil

Lights are typically on for 11-12 hours
1x week 50% water change
Prime, Stability and API leaf zone with WC

Nitrite 0
Nitrate 20 from tap, can rise to 40 before WC
Ammonia 0
Ph 7.5

12 ember tetras
6 otos
4 panda corys

The plants are a random assortment from my local shop, afraid I only know the names of the
Java fern and moss.

The main issue I’m having is what looks like hair algae? And holes in the plants. I want to keep it low tech, no co2.

Any suggestions very welcome. Thanks!

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