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Low tech quarantine tank...

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Currently setting up an 80gal high tech planted tank. Realize the need for a quarantine tank, thinking 20gal long.

When doing water changes on 80gal, would not this water be appropriate to move to quarantine tank? Seems this would meet needs of low tech plants in quarantine tank. Fertilizer from 80gal would just enter 20gal once a week this way. Water from 80gal would still be good due to weekly or twice weekly water changes.

What is wrong with this plan?

Constructive criticism is welcomed. :iamwithstThank you.

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CO2 in water from high tech, might be more than fishes in quarantine could handle without plant's to help use it up.
If you place plant's in quarantine,then need arises to medicate fishes in quarantine, you run the risk of killing plant's.
In any event,, plant's and fishes I think would get greater benefit from fresh/clean water on weekly basis as opposed to dirty water removed from one system and added to another.
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