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Hello again TPT...

The lastest on my 55 gallon, tank that needs no water changes, ever (see attached pics). Chinese evergreens emersed in the tank water, keep the water pure for the fish. Plant roots take in all three forms of nitrogen. A small Hagen AC 50 is used for night time filtration. Plants rest at night. Filter is cleaned using only pure, treated tap water. No water is removed from the tank.

Tank is open, so a couple of gallons of pure, treated tap water is needed to replace what's lost to evaporation.

The plants are tropical, so I spray them daily with a bottle of diluted liquid ferts in the morning. There are also low light light aquatic plants in the tank like Anubias, Anacharis (Waterweed) and Pennywort. The Pennywort has decided it will grow outside the tank. Apparently, it prefers the morning fertilizer mist.

The emersed plants grow quickly and need to be trimmed regularly to stimulate new growth, similar to aquatic plants.

Total maintenance time: 1 hour per week.

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