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Low Tech Light for 20 Long

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I posted this in lighting a few days ago, but didn't get any help, so I figure I may have better luck here.

So, I'm converting my 20 Long to low tech. It currently has a dual T5HO fixture. What would be a good low tech light? I'd love to go LED if I could, but any fixture would work. Any suggestions? Tank is 30" wide
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I have a 20 high that is low tech and doing good. I have the stock fluorescent that comes with a full hood. I like the neat look of it too. I think it works out to about 1W per gallon.
The finnex fugeray is an excellent LED for low tech setups.
Current Satellite Plus Freshwater LED 24-36 Inch
A stock T8 hood will be enough light for low tech as the 20L is a pretty shallow tank.
The regular aquarium strip light is good for this. Either Home Depot or Loew's has
either Philips or GE 6500K bulbs that are cheaper than LFS bulbs.
I use two of the T8 on my ten g tank and need to use only certain bulbs or I quickly get algae. Just saying that one is enough. The ten is the same height as the 20L.
How about running just one bulb on your current fixture or just raise the whole fixture? But If you're set on leds, I would go with the current Satellite plus. IMO the finnex fugeray or planted fugeray would need to be raised for a low light setup.
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