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Have aqueon 15 planted. No co2. Using flourish and leaf zone 2 times a week, root tabs. Just started using flourish advance, pristine and excel. Trying to do water changes every 2 weeks. Substrate is just gravel as that's what I could afford in beginning, aquaclear 20 for filter took the carbon filter pad out and added more bio max things. Just put the fluval planted nano on today and am trying custom settings. Was using the stock hood light before which I think may have aided in some of the browning of my crypts. Added red root floaters yesterday. I believe all of my plants (other than floaters maybe) and considered easy and low light?

Was wondering if there's anything else I should be doing to help this tank flourish?

It's going on 6 months now. Stocked with fish I was given and it's my only tank so they all went in. 3 platys, oto catfish, Cory cat, betta, mystery snail, and several shrimp.

For some reason my java moss is a weird dark green which may have something to do with the poor hood light?

I am still trying to fins the right spot for of the newly added plants up front.
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