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So I am thinking of going this route now

I have a couple questions and if anyone can help me in my understanding here I would be very appreciative.

I am going to be putting a 12" fugeray on my aqueon evolve 8 which is 12" tall and has a 3" substrate. I believe that the fugeray has 25 par at 12" but with the 3" of substrate I believe it would be 30 par or near there

The plants I currently have are 30 pygmy chain sword, a piece of drift wood with about 5 anubias nana (petite), 1 anubias nana, 3-4 narrow leaf java fern.

What I am wondering is since this is a 6.5 gallon tank and might even be a little less (accounting for substrate/driftwood displacement) how should I adjust my dosing. I know these are not terribly fert dependent plants with the exception being the pygmy chain swords, but those only benefit from substrate ferts.
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