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Hi all,

A week ago, I setup a 29 gallon with ADA Amazonia ver 2. I list the tank specs and water parameters below. I was wondering if there is a consensus on a starting point for dosing ferts on a low tech tank with aquasoil especially for a new tank. The threads I find are old and I know ADA has changed their formulation several times in the past so I have searched but I was looking for new advice. I started adding API leafzone after each water change after the first week, I picked up some flourish but the clerk at my LFS said it will probably cause BBA, I've looked into EI, but read it will make a mess of a low tech tank. Some say aquasoil is all that's needed for low tech, others suggest dosing right away. I know there's a trial and error element to dosing, I just want to avoid loosing plants by not adding what I'm supposed too while the plants acclimate.

The tank has Bacopa carolina, jungle val, java fern, java moss, two small swords, and dwarf sag, and a dwarf water lily. The bacopa hasn't changed much since planting, the val is melting and now showing much sign of growth, the swords has brown spots and are showing signs on melt, the dwarf sag has melting but has now growth and the water lily has exploded.

Lighting: Beamswork DA80
Filter: Fluval 307 (which had been cycled in a tote that was used to water log the driftwood for three weeks with ammonia)
Water parameters taken on day 9, before the first of the every other day water changes.
PH 6.6
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 5-10 ppm
GH 71.6
KH 17.9


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