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Low Tech Algae Problem?

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Hi, I own a Spec III and it is very low tech. I do not add anything. The only inhabitant is a Plakat Dragonscale betta and a few MTS. My trouble is that I cannot get rid of a type of algae that tends to develop on the glass and background of the tank. It is brown and looks like normal green algae that you would see on surfaces too. It looks sort of like dust algae(If that is what it called, I did a little research).

The tank is mildly planted with an anubias nana, some java moss, brazilian pennywort, java moss, and two bana lilies. The brown algae also seems to develop in the leaves of those plants as well.

What is this type of algae? How and why did it develop in my tank? How can I get rid of it?

P.s. I do not add anything at all to the tank, I only feed the betta. The lighting is 3-4 hours a day with the stock light. All my plants are growing and thriving too.

Also, it is a cycled tank.
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Could be excess silicates. Have u tested phosphates? Did u use play sand or silica sand?
Actually, I purchased Petco brand sand when I bought the sand, but I am not sure if it is either of those.
U could try a phosphate remover since brown diatoms like high silicates and phosphate removers also absorb silicates.if your tank has indeed cycled then try some of that in ur filter. It could also be linked to how little light ur tank is getting. Try increasing photo period by a couple hours and remove as much from the glass as u can. And test ur water to insure u have cycled as it happens in new tanks.
What are some products that are silicate removers and you can have *too little* light?

Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk one but try increasing ur light a little bit first. If u have good lighting, no excess nutrients for it to feed off of, and ur nitrogen cycle is done then it should go away. If it doesn't then try some Phos-zorb.
Thank you :)

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