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Low Tech 20g Tall mini journal

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20g tall
topfin30 HOB with sponge prefilter
sometimes run an airstone
no CO2 or liquid carbon
dechlor tap water
flourite substrate
flourish root tabs
liquid leaf zone 2x week
24" 2bulb t8 fixture

Day 1 with emersed java fern, amazon swords, and anubius

By alohamonte at 2012-07-24

About 3 weeks later with more plants, celebese rainbows and ottos

By alohamonte at 2012-07-10

This past weekend with moss and threadfin and dwarf neon rainbows

By alohamonte at 2012-07-24

XL Amano shrimp nearly 2 inches long earning his rent by eating staghorn

By alohamonte at 2012-07-24


By alohamonte at 2012-07-24

Tank is about 2 months old now. I have a TDS meter in the mail. I will use that to gauge WC rather than the 20% week that i've been doing.

current stock
8 celebese rainbows
6 threadfin rainbows
2 dwarf neon rainbows
3 ottos
5 ghost shrimp (1 berried)
2 amano shrimp (they are bigger than the fish!)
3 nerites
1 rabbit snail
many pond snails

water clover
java moss
java fern
broad leaf amazon sword
melon sword
onion plant
crypt wendtii

future plans - trade the 2 dwarf neons for 4 gertrudae rainbows. i'm just starting to culture live foods too starting with microworms.
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That looks outstanding!
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