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Low Tech 20g Long - A few light questions

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I Couldn't pass up the $1 dollar a gallon at Petco so I went with the 20g long.

I am thinking of the Current Freshwater Satellite LED Plus with the Dual Ramp Timer. My questions are:

Will this work without a glass cover and can this light be hung or raised if not?

Any advice on length of "lights on" and programming modes etc so that i can get good plant growth and mostly avoid algae. Would the Ramp Timer Pro be better or am I over thinking this low tech tank?

I was going to go with organic garden soil with a gravel top to minimize nutrient additions.

Thanks in advance.
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that tanks only 12 inches tall, 10 or so after substrate so that light will do fine. Watch out with the plus though, many people have had bad experiences with the remote associated with it. The older model works fin for my low tech at 14 inches and no "remote" issues.
Do you use a glass top with yours naich?
Here is a response from Current in case anyone else has been wondering this:

Dear Hobbyist,
Any light hanging kit will work. There are a few different stand mounted hanging kits available for purchase online, as well as some ceiling mounted hanging kits available for purchase online.
Most hobbyist that have decided to hang the fixtures have removed the docking legs and turned them around so that the legs face up. This will give you two attachments points on the light, and allow it to be balanced.
If you have any further questions, please contact us again.
Thank you,
Current-USA, Inc.

So it looks good from that standpoint as I would prefer not to have a glass top. Now onto the Ramp Timer issues. :)
Do you use a glass top with yours naich?
no i do not, it has a splash guard so i just wipe the water stains off that every few days or so.
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