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Hey everyone

2 years back, we found an old Juwel Rio 400 when we just moved into the house, complete with a stand and a T8 lighting system with two 36 watt light bulbs (ultra low tech). So I decided to have a (very) low-tech setup :D

The tank:

150x50x60 cm/60x20x24" (LxWxH)
450 L/120 Gal.

Tech & Products/Ferts:

T8 lighting x2 36 watt bulbs
Fluval 405 canister (+ Fluval 4 Plus in a few days)
TetraTec Heater
No CO2

"TetraMin" flakes
Frozen bloodworms & brine shrimp
"JBL Pleco XL" spirulina tablets

Thin layer of mineral substrate under the gravel
"Tetra Plantamin" liquid fertilizer


x2 Large Driftwood
x3 Medium Driftwood
x3 Large Rocks
3-8 mm gravel with some larger pieces
1 mm sand mixed with the gravel in the front for the cories


x8 Angelfish - young, 4 silver 4 black, planning to cut down the group to 2-4 once they reach 4 inch and/or pair off.
x20 Black Neons - replacing with around 12 Congo Tetras some time soon
x7 Schultzi Cories - 1 old veteran & 6 young adults
x2 Bristlenose Plecos - 1 Male 1 Female
x1 Sailfin Pleco - 25cm/10", craps all day long, but still my favorite :D


x2 Java Fern - 1 Huge clump and a smaller one
x1 Anubias congensis - awesome root system
x1 Echinodorus argentinensis - I assume it was grown emersed, the oldest leaves start 2/3 - 3/4 of the way up the stem. The newer leaves are the submersed form (I think)
x2 Vallisneria neotropicallis - I never liked this plant much, but it's a cheap way to hide equipment

Any feedback is welcome :D


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I've used carbon, but in about a month, it would stop working and leach out the tannins, so I'd have to replace it. Purigen looks pretty awesome, especially the regeneration part, but there's nowhere to get any Seachem products here >.<. So I'll just change the water regularly till it clears up ;D

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IME running big pieces of driftwood through the dishwasher with no chemicals can also help pull out tannins.

With those massive hunks you've got, I imagine it's gonna be a longgggg time before they're done throwwing off tannins LOL

It's a nice tank!

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Yeah I went through the normal procedure, scrubbed it under running water, put it in a bucket of hot water for a few hours, and rinsed again and put it in. The huge chunk with the java fern is the only one leaching tannins though, I've had the other ones for over 2 years.

Also got 7 congos yesterday, 4 males 3 females, the only ones left at the store (45 kc-around $2 per fish). About 2", they like to hang out at the back of the tank behind the Java Fern, so you can't see them much right now, but when they come out to the front, they look amazing. Moving the black neons out is a pain they're too fast, I always end up catching the angels -.-

Congo Tetras:



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