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Hey guys,

Long time reader, first time poster :icon_smil

I have a 46 gal bowfront with a large piece of driftwood in it. The water coming out of my tap reads on my pH test kit at or above 7.6. The water in my tank reads at or below 6.0. I'm pretty sure the driftwood is causing the pH drop, all I have in the tank are 2 anubias nana, a sag, and a lace java fern. The fish in there are 7 rummynose, 6 cherry barb, and 2 GBR. (Oh yea, theres a clay pot in there too, turned on its side to be like a cave)

My question is, how should I go about doing water changes? Is it safe to add the high pH tap water into the tank with lower pH? I'm not sure of my kH/gH as I don't have a kit for it yet, but if its necessary information for you guys to help me out, I'll definitely go out and buy it.

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