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Hello. Wondering if I can get some advice on my lowering pH. I am at Day 25 of a fishless cycle on a lightly planted low-tech 65 gallon (I had other plants - Najas Indica and Val stems - melt off.) The pH in the tank prior to beginning cycle and up until Day 9 was 7.6-7.8. On Day 8 I did two 30% water changes to bring nitrite down below 5 ppm, which according to advice I've gotten here may not have been necessary. My ammonia has been going to zero since Day 8. Nitrates got to 40 ppm on Day 8 but have stayed at 10 ppm since. My Nitrite dropped to 2 on Day 10, and then 1 ppm, and has now since Day 14 been dropping to 0.25-0.05 24 hours after feeding. I am using store-bought clear ammonia now since my Dr. Tim's ran out. On Day 9 my pH dropped to 7.0, by Day 11 it was at 6.4. I did a 30% water change, vacuuming some melted plant debris while I was at it, and brought the pH back up to 7.8 on Day 12. Day 13 pH 7.3, Day 14 6.6. Do I need to do water changes to keep my pH up? I am feeding ammonia everyday to raise it to 3 ppm according to a calculator (21 ml.) Am I cycling ok?


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