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Low or High?

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Am I high tech or low tech?

10 gallon tank:
substrate- Seachem flourite
lighting-15 watt incandescent x2
Co2- Just started my diy today
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You can replace those incandescents with small spiral CFL's (cheap at walmart/target/etc.). And you'll still be low tech. And low light. But I'd make sure to pick up a couple oto's for the inevitable algae.
The CFL should be 6500K or higher for optimal plant usage. This is still considered low light.
Should i wait until after i see algea to buy my otos? Becuz my tank is cler of algea now bcuz i just started this one.
It's best to wait until a tank has fully matured before adding Otos. Matured means long enough that the water parameters are completely stable, and long enough for a decent biofilm (aka aufwachs) to grow on all the tank surfaces. Aufwachs make up the majority of Oto diets.

However, you can also help Otos out in a newer tank by being sure to feed lots of green veggies and/or grow algae logs for them. is a good resource.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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