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I have some problems growing emmersed plants. I have a sort-of riparium setup with plants that are growing, but as they do, the tips become tinier and tinier, looking like they are stunted. I think they are limited in some nutrient, possibly potassium. However I have been dosing 21ppm (7ppm 3 x weekly), with 15 ppm nitrate and 2.88ppm phosphate total. Is this too low for a pretty well planted tank??

I do have some pond ferny-type plants in there that are doing fab. But nothing else is.

I have recently added soil & peat to plant pots. I soaked soil, let it dry, soaked, let dry, maybe 3 days, also screening most of leaves. the I boiled 10 mins. I boiled peat for about 5.
Do you think I should see some improvement after this addition? Did I do it right??

Thanks so much for any help and insight.
EDIT: Here are some pics of a particular plant just aquired that show well what I am talking about- the big leaves shrinking at the tip. It is not a transitional leaf shape! the heads are just too small.

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