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Low Maintanence Plants

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I am wanting to convert one of my 40 breeders into a planted tank that will house tetras, rasboras, and maybe some rams. I have some Eco Substrate, but no CO2. I have a double bulb High Output T5. I want something that will grow nicely with what I have. I can get almost any plant, as I have suppliers for fish, shrimp, and plants so almost any species is attainable. Thanks
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Thats a decent amount of light for a 40B, which is a relatively shallow tank. For easy low maintenance I would suggest java ferns, mosses, crypts, anubias, some swords, and certain stem plants, L. repens, H. difformis, M. mattogrossense are just a few that come to mind. With that amount of light though you could even do some more demanding plants, just keep in mind planted tanks are about balance, higher light can bring about the need for a co2 source or ferts. If you start getting algae it can be possible to dim down the lights a bit with some floating plants.
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