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Low light vs High Light Plants

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Great site; so I joined today.

I have a 55G moderately planted tank. Specs below:

Nitrates are fine (according to my local shop)
About 15" of combined fish (Corys, Mollies, Tetras)
Flourish Excel: 5 ml/day
Flourish Iron: 1 ml/day
Flourish: 5ml/week
Tank Depth: 21"
Light: Finnex 24x7 36"
15-20% water change per week
I've considered supplemental C02 but am hoping the current dosing of Excel is sufficient

Rotala and Ludwigia in back
Amazon Sword in front
Anubias mid tank

I understand that Anubias does well in moderate light intensity, while Sword, Rotala, and Ludwigia require high intensity light.

The Anubias is mostly covered with hair algae and BBA, but still shoots out new leaves one or twice per month. Rotala and Ludwigia pearl at the top but stems are quite bare and what leaves are there are turning yellow and brown. The red is gone from both except on the underside of the leaves.

I've been adding the iron for a month or two once I got the Rotala, I'm careful with the dosing as I was told it can lead to worse algae. I removed the carbon insert from my filter

I originally had my light on the 24x7 cycle but recently changed to 8hrs on full intensity as I read a post that said there may not be enough high intensity light with the 24x7 cycle.

So my question is can I reach some kind of equilibrium where both my Anubias and high intensity light plants can thrive? Now the plants are surviving but growth is anemic, especially with my swords.

One other thing; not sure if it matters but i have a fair amount of debris in the water which may be affecting the light reaching the bottom. It's not cloudy but I don't think my filter is doing a good job of mechanical filtration. So I'm going to replace my Fluval HoB filter with a canister soon to try to clear up the water.

Hopefully I've provided enough information. If not let me know.
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