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My setup:
20 gallon high tank
28 watt coralife fixture giving me 1.4wpg
Inert gravel to be supplemented with root tabs

I've come up with a list of plants, and want to know if they should do alright in a low light/tech tank:

Anubias coffeefolia (Can this be planted in the substrate?)
Amazon sword
Green Cabomba
Crypt ciliata
Crypt wendtii
Crypt petchii
Micro Sword
Aquarium Lily
Mondo Grass

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My guess is that they willl all survive and probably slowly grow....not too sure about the Micro Sword tho. Also, "Mondo Grass" is not aquatic and will slowly decay if left under water.

I'd also advise AGAINST the amazon sword, they just get huge.

Maybe look into doing watersprite instead of just looks so much better IMO.
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