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Hi Everyone,

I have some easy low light plants I am looking to sell. They are starting to overgrow my tank and I would like to make room as the weather here is warm enough for shipping. All plants come from low light and low tech tanks and may contain a few snails.

I have...
Sagittaria Subulata (~3-6in tall) $.50 a plant
Dwarf Sagittaria (~ 1- 2in tall) $.50 a plant
Nymphoides Hydrophylla 'Taiwan' (~ 2 or 3 leaves started on each) $2 a plant
A few Tiger Vallisneria (~ 3-6in tall) $1 a plant

If you're interested, just let me know how much you would like and I can give you and accurate count as to what I have. Shipping will be $7 extra and I can combine shipping on the order for you. Thanks for looking.
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