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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'd like to thank every member on this forum for all the help, knowledge, and support you've given me. You're the best. :proud:
Anyways, I need to do some trimming so it's time to sell off some of these plants.

Anacharis (elodea) - 10 stems for $6 (1)
Hornwort: 5 stems for $3 (4)
Hygrophila sp. brown: 5 stems for $5 (1)
Pygmy chain sword: 20ish nodes for $7 (2)
Java ferns: $3 per plant (3)
Moss (unknown - possibly xmas?): $2 per golfball: (∞) :help:
Mixed floaters (frogbit, dwarf water lettuce, salvinia): $5 for sandwich baggy (1)
Salvinia minima: $3 for sandwich baggy (1)
If you want to buy a large order with multiple items I'll knock down the prices, so order up! Shipping is $7 anywhere in the US. I don't use heat packs, so mind your weather. I'm available by pm or text at 321-537-7841.

I also have a piece of malaysian driftwood that I want to get rid of. It's approximately 15"x12"x10" at its largest points, and is a dark reddish brown. I only want $5, but my guesstimate for shipping is $12. You'll have to let me know your zipcode so I can calculate it. SOLD
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