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Hello everyone,
Unfortunately, lately my tanks are dead or dying because I had no time to devote to them the first couple months of school. But now that things are slowing down a bid, I would love to take this chance to set up a tank for a group of pelvic punchers I recently got (apisto like). And plan on doing a low light, low maintenance tank. I basically just want the "full" foresty look so the apisto's will feel secure enoguh to breed for me, which having a bare bottom tank wont do.

I have gravel, lights, etc. All I really need is the plants. The only low light plants I have already are java moss, and weeping moss.
So I am on the lookout for any, (and all, literally) plants for my tank.

Shipping is needed to 28117.

Send me a pm please.

Thanks and god bless
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